Friday, July 8, 2011

5 things we love part 2!

That's right, it's time for our weekly...
'5 things we love'
Part 2: A day in the country

1. 1950s checkered full dress
This beautiful beauty is a perfect for a picnic or day out in the country. My instinct for this dress is to go ride a bike all about town.

2. White western half boots
I ADORE these. When they came in this week, I cried a little that they weren't my size! So divine!

3. Men's 1970s farm tie
This tie is a hoot & a half. Makes me want to put in a hard days on the farm.

4. 1960s men's button up
It goes PERFECTLY with the tie ;)
5. The new hat section of Zoe's!
We've received some incredible hats within the past few weeks, Jessica set it up in a lovely display at the back of the store, come stop by and see the rest!

That's all for today lovely people! We hope you all are having the most beautiful day, come stop by the shop and see us!

Love to all,
Zoe gals

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  1. Five things I love about Zoes: Deborah, Cathy, Lauren, Taylor and Jade!