Saturday, January 7, 2012

winter trendspotting!

a touch of fur.

ollie ollie oxfords.
wrapped in knit.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ready for Halloween?

We are getting ready for Halloween here at Zoe! We have just gotten in a bunch of fabulous new costumes and accessories for men and women!Garden Gnome

Red Riding Hood

We also have loads and loads of vintage clothing just waiting to be made into a unique costume!

Come check us out for all of your costume needs!

Hope your all having a wonderful day!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Miss Alabama 1977

A woman by the name of Julie Houston graced our shop last week with some of the most gorgeous evening gowns I've ever seen. She goes on to tell us that she had won Miss Alabama in 1977 and these were the gowns she wore to the Miss America Pageant. She decided it was time to part ways with them and graciously brought them to our shop! A few gals have come in and tried some on and look just divine in them. However she was teeny tiny! Most of these dresses are zeros and one is even a double zero!

Some were custom made by her mother just for Ms. Houston and the rest are one of my absolutely favorite vintage designers, Mike Benet. These gowns are just drool-worthy. We posted some to etsy to spread the eye candy around! Go check us out, here are just a few pictures:

Handmade by her mother
Handmade by her mother *said this was her favoriteRare Mike BenetRare Mike Benet
Rare Mike Benet

Are they not just magical?!?! Thanks for stopping by to see our latest! Please come in to the shop to get the full beauty of these treasures!

We hope ya'll are having the most beautiful day,

Zoe gals.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Vintage photo favorites

Obviously we love everything vintage, that doesn't stop at photographs! This week we're bringing you some of our favorite old photographs we've found on the web, hope you enjoy!

We hope everyone is having the most beautiful day!
Deborah just returned from a month in Paris, we 're so happy to have her back even though she had a wonderful time.
Come see us, Bastille day sale is over and we've redone the store! We're getting some fabulous new items in every single day.

Stay beautiful,
Zoe gals.

Friday, July 8, 2011

5 things we love part 2!

That's right, it's time for our weekly...
'5 things we love'
Part 2: A day in the country

1. 1950s checkered full dress
This beautiful beauty is a perfect for a picnic or day out in the country. My instinct for this dress is to go ride a bike all about town.

2. White western half boots
I ADORE these. When they came in this week, I cried a little that they weren't my size! So divine!

3. Men's 1970s farm tie
This tie is a hoot & a half. Makes me want to put in a hard days on the farm.

4. 1960s men's button up
It goes PERFECTLY with the tie ;)
5. The new hat section of Zoe's!
We've received some incredible hats within the past few weeks, Jessica set it up in a lovely display at the back of the store, come stop by and see the rest!

That's all for today lovely people! We hope you all are having the most beautiful day, come stop by the shop and see us!

Love to all,
Zoe gals

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Look of the week + etsy

Look of the week:

1960s bow costume mini dress, a lovely purple sun hat and some blue accesories to go along! Just as many lovely items coming in daily, you should stop to see us. It would be a good decision on your part.

Also some new etsy updates:

1950s little black dress

1960s pink lace dress

We hope you are having the most beautiful day! New posts to come:

--Our favorite things

--Blogger of the week

--Bastille day sale at Zoe Shop!

much love,

Zoe gals

Saturday, June 25, 2011

5 things we love.

We're going to be doing a '5 things we love' at the end of each week. Just to feature some of the best items that came in to consign this week. First up:

1. A lovely 1960s metallic dress--
I was able to see this beauty on someone the other day and boy did it look fabulous! She looked like she stepped right out of "I love Lucy!" Lucille Ball has some competition because of this pretty number!
2. 3 1960s brooches--
These babies are perfect to dress up any outfit. ALSO, collect enough of them and you can make your own DIY headband! Picture shown below of one of our favorite blogger's DIY!
(*SO CUTE, right!?!)

3. Alice + Olivia heels
I am in utter lust with these sexy shoes! They came in this week and we all were speechless. They are Alice + Olivia for PAYLESS! Who would have thought?! The consigner said she picked them up in DC. They're absolutely stunning.

4. Genuine Gucci shoes (mens)
These are just so suave for our strapping young men of the modern decade. Gotta love some of our items for the men!

5. 1970s Men's button up
I am in love with this shirt! If I saw a man walking down this street with this shirt on, I'd follow him around everywhere. I think every man should own a shirt like this. So groovy.

Oh and of course we love our sweet Jade! Can't forget about the shop kitty!

There you have it, five things we love! It's time for you to find your own five things! Come on down to Zoe's Boutique today, we'd love to see you!

We all hope you're having a beautiful day,
Zoe girls + Jade.