Friday, June 24, 2011

Our most faithful Zoe girl.

This girl has the ambition to sit outside our shop for hours upon hours perfectly posing and enticing customers to stop in our door. What dedication she has, wouldn't you say? We couldn't have a more dedicated employee here at the boutique. PLUS, she does this for free! In return, we dress her up in some of our favorite pieces that stop in our store! Fair trade, no doubt!

Today she's wearing a beautiful 1970s patchwork skirt and a lovely white blouse topped off with perfect jeweled accessories!

We just wanted to share some of our newest summer pieces! All the lovely yellows and greens this world has to offer are all definitely in our vintage selection here at Zoe's!
Here's just a peak, you gotta come down here to get the full look :)

Also our MEN'S section is shaping up more and more, we have some snazzy shoes and suitcoats from decades past!

Intrigued now I'm sure, it's time to stop by then, we'll be waiting for you!
The Zoe gals!

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